Picnic Destination

Surjivan Resort

Surjivan Resort
The basic setting and mindset that was incorporated into making this resort – was going back to your roots. Today, the daily hustle and bustle of the city has taken away the serenity and tranquillity from its resident’s lives. It has left them out of touch with their roots. Well, Surjivan Resort is there to help you with that. Visiting this beautiful and serene resort will bring you the peace and calm that your life very much needs.

How to reach there

Surjivan Resort is located at Vasant Kunj in New Delhi. The resort is located just opposite to the famous Fortis Hospital. You could easily navigate your way with a car.

Lodging and facilities at the place

Surjivan Resort is close to nature – its location itself is in a very beautiful and picturesque region. The resort has a very simple village life in its midst and tries to incorporate that into the lifestyle of the visitors. How is Surjivan Resort any different from other Delhi Resorts? Well for starters, Surjivan Resort maintains a thriving variety of flora and fauna – and for sure, you’d spot species of animals or plants you have not seen anywhere else in Delhi before.

What’s a picnic without nice food? Surjivan Resort makes sure that when you visit them for a picnic, you are well served with food and drinks. They boast of an exquisite menu offering foods and delicacies from different parts of the country, and a few special dishes- which are only available in Rural India.

The boarding facilities are in plenty – They have spacious and well-maintained rooms if you decide to spend a day or two in this beautiful place. They have special packages for people who want to visit Surjivan Resort with the intention of a getaway from the hustle and bustle of the Capital.